Video Recordings

1.  ORUSPC ZOOM MEETING May 2 - Horse Breeds with Jocelyn Ehlers   Click Here for Link  Password is 5E.*Ql!g

2.  Video on Stall Cards by Clair Frank 

3. ORUSPC ZOOM MEETING May 16 "Bit action" by Mikayla Stout Click Here for Link  password is  3P*61d81

4.  A day at the barn.  By Mikayla Stout

5. Pony Club Pledge By Cat Portfors  

6. ORUSPC ZOOM MEETING May 30th The Training Pyramid By Jordan Schulz Click Here for Link Password is 3V^t28U.   (Be sure to include the period in the password)

7. ORUSPC ZOOM MEETING JUNE 27th - here is the recording: 
https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/2OpaH4jtrkFLHqv9xnvTSq4fOq20T6a8gyAZ_vAKzhxLYpsOQ5nPaXdPznxFd48z Password: 7T=?@298


ORUSPC board supports the BLM movement. We encourage all members and supporters who have experienced racism and/or exclusion within our Region to let us know your stories using this survey: https://forms.gle/ZdhzGvxvEstoxcNf6

All Regional events are cancelled until August until further notice

Summer camp at Meadows Vineyard is cancelled due to Covid State update - no overnight camps allowed


Terri Rocovich Clinic August 15th-16th 

Inavale Farm, Philomath, OR



Riding Mega Certification September 20th - Portland area

Regional Clinic October 25th (TBC)

Show Jump Rally October 30 - Nov 1 at Clark County Expo Center

Fall Meeting and Awards Banquet November 7th - Clackamas (Provisional)