2020 Dressage Rally


Combined with the 2020 Show Jump Rally

Friday, June 12- Sunday, June 14th.

OPENING DATE: April 1st, 2020  CLOSING DATE: May 12, 2020 

COST: $800 per team of 4, $600 for team of 3, or $200 per competitor.  No charge for Stable Managers.

Make checks payable to ORUSPC, (send to Sabrina McDermott, 22010 NE 227th Ave, Battleground, WA 98604) or use PayPal on the Oregon Region website. (checks preferred). ORUSPC PayPal   

There will be no late entries accepted. Changes made after the April 1st deadline will only be accepted in extenuating circumstances, and only with a vet or a doctor’s note. 

LOCATION: Devonwood Equestrian Center 

25033 SW Pacific Hwy Sherwood, Oregon 97140





CHMJ: Kara Hagerman

TD: Meridith Stevens

JUDGES: Jessica Rattner and Sara Meeuwsen

ENTRY: Please complete ALL information required, including e-mail addresses. 

Dressage Rally 2020 entry form

RALLY PAYMENT: Via PayPal or Club Check sent to: Sabrina McDermott, 22010 NE 227th Ave, Battleground, WA 98604. Paypal link  Refunds will not be given after the closing date. 


• USPC Handbook and Rules for Dressage Competition 2020 link

• Dressage Newsletter 2020 link

• USPC Horse Management Handbook and Rules for Competitions 2020 link

• HM Newsletter 2020 Link

(Don’t forget your medical armband with USPC Medical Card OR approved medical bracelet!

USPC CHAMPIONSHIPS: This rally is a qualifier for USPC Championships 2020 at the Kentucky Horse Park. Requirements for qualifying are detailed in the USPC Handbook & Rules for Dressage Competition 2020 and most recent 2020 Newsletter. Qualifying certifications for this rally are based on the certification of the member as of April 1st, 2020 and qualifying age is as of January 1, 2020. 

Individuals will be selected for championship teams by the RS, Vice RS, or any other appropriate individuals. Team selection will be based on score, safety considerations, maturity level, sportsmanship history, stable management performance, readiness for Championship level competition and any other factors deemed appropriate by the RS. Competitors with any sportsmanship points or significant horse management points may not be invited to compete at Championships. Competitor must be a Member in Good Standing per USPC Policy #1002. 

TESTS: All competitors will ride two different 2019 USEF/USDF dressage tests (from the selections listed below) with their third test being one of 3 options: musical freestyle/pas de deux (required for those wanting to qualify), a repeat of their higher level test, or a team Quadrille (please contact show organizer to enter quadrille). Please note that all dressage tests have been changed and updated in 2019, so be sure to pull down the correct version. 

usdf link to tests

Please select tests (and music for freestyles) that are appropriate for the level of both the horse and rider. Riders should take care when selecting tests as changes after the closing date will be limited to emergency situations. Freestyles & pas de deux will be judged using the 2019 USDF score sheets for each level. Musical freestyle/pas de deux must match the test requirements for the level entered. These special tests will be performed Sunday in a standard sized sand arena. 

All First level and above tests (as well as musical freestyles/pas de deux tests) will be in a standard sized court.

All Intro Tests will be performed in a short dressage court.

All other tests TBD after entries are closed.

You must choose tests that stay within the level - no cross level entries are allowed.

*Western Dressage will be available if there are interested riders. Please check the “western dressage” option and then contact organizer directly if you plan to ride a western dressage test. 

**Competitors riding at Intro Level will not have the option of a musical freestyle for their 3rd ride

QUALIFIERS: Test of choice is mandated dependent on riding level (indicate letters on Entry Form) 

QT  Training Level – Tests 2 & 3 

QF  First Level – Tests 2 & 3 

Q2  Second Level – 2 & 3 

Q3  Third Level – 2 & 3 

Third ride will be a REQUIRED Musical Freestyle or Pas de Deux –Please note on entry 

At Championships all dressage tests must be ridden from memory and participants will ride Test 2 and Test 3 of Training through Fourth Levels. 

NON-QUALIFIERS: (indicate letter on Entry Form)   

***(If you choose to do a musical freestyle as your third test, remember that the score will count towards your individual and team scores.) ***


Intro level Test A & Intro level Test B twice (walk-trot)


Intro level Test B (walk-trot) & Intro level Test C twice (intro to canter)


Training level Test 1 & Training Level Test 2 twice 


Training level Test 2 & Training Level Test 3 twice 


Training level Test 1 & Training Level Test 3 


First Level Test 1 & First Level Test 2 twice 


First Level Test 2 & First Level Test 3 twice


First Level Test 1 & First Level Test 3 


Second Level Test 1 & Second Level Test 2 twice 


Second Level Test 2 & Second Level Test 3 twice 


Second Level Test 1 & Second Level Test 3 


Third Level Test 1 & Third Level Test 2 twice 


Third Level Test 2 & Third Level Test 3 twice 


Third Level Test 1 & Third Level Test 3 


Western (contact organizer about test choices)


ACCOMMODATIONS: Accommodations are the responsibility of the teams/individuals. Teams may choose to stay on the grounds Friday and Saturday nights. 

Camping with electrical hook up at Devonwood: $20 per night ($40 for weekend)

*You must bring your own electrical cord and hookup into the barns; must be unhooked during the day. 


JUNIOR STABLE MANAGERS - We encourage DC’s to enter new/younger members as a Junior Stable Manager to enable them to get a feel for a rally before they commit to participating in a full rally. This option is aimed at our 12 and under members. Here is an explanation of a Junior Stable Manager’s duties. Junior stable manager application

STABLING: Each team will be assigned one stall per horse plus both an additional feed room and a tack room stall. There will be no trailer tack/feed rooms at this rally. Team stalls will all be located together. Two bags of shavings will be provided for initial bedding. Additional shavings will be available on site, at $10 per bag. Competitors must request additional shavings from the Show Office. A tab may be opened, but full payment is required before awards on Sunday.

Horses may be hauled in between 3 PM and 6 PM on Friday. Please come prepared to put up stall and feed cards upon arrival. Tack rooms may be set-up once horses have been cared for, however tack rooms to be set up by team members only. Parents may help unload supplies from cars and trailers, but may not assist in any other way. The rally will officially start at 6:00 PM on Friday evening with a briefing. 

You will receive a specific unloading zone with the team’s schedule approximately one week prior to rally. Loading and unloading zones are limited to delivery purposes only. 

NOTE: Members and/or their horses are not allowed on the property at any time before 3:00 PM on Friday. Horses may be hand-led around the show grounds on Friday between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM. These areas will be noted by the rally committee upon arrival. There will be no training or riding allowed on Friday. 

COACHES: Coaching is allowed, but not required, in Dressage for all levels. Please limit coaching to two teams per coach, unless permission for more is received from the show organizer. Each coach must sign a coaching form, from the most current Dressage rule book - these will be available at the show office and coaches MUST check in and read/sign this form BEFORE coaching any competitors.

VOLUNTEERS: Each full team is required to furnish a minimum of three (3) volunteers per day who will assist at the rally.  Volunteer opportunities/options are listed on the Entry Form and volunteer information is required at the time of team registration. If you are filling out an entry form for catch riders, the requirements are as follows: 1 competitor - 1 volunteer per day; 2 competitors - 2 volunteers per day; 3 or more competitors - 3 volunteers per day. If you are registering only a stable manager, you are not required to provide a volunteer, although please encourage parents to volunteer on their own. Before filling out the team registration form, please consult with your parents/volunteers as to which types of jobs they are qualified to do and comfortable doing, as well as what times and days they are available. Check all boxes that apply. Many jobs require no previous experience, with on-site training provided. Keep in mind that some jobs do require previous experience (e.g., scribe, longeing steward). Vice RS Volunteer Coordinator, Tracy Stout, will assign all volunteers to specific jobs and time slots. She will contact volunteers with their assignments after registration closes. Additionally, the Volunteer Schedule will be posted at the Show Office on site. 

HORSE MANAGEMENT VOLUNTEERS (formally “Assistant Horse Management Judges”): These volunteers will also be assigned by Vice RS Volunteer Coordinator, Tracy Stout. There is a place on the entry form to indicate an interest in this volunteer position.  This position is for adults only, but no previous experience is necessary. The Oregon Region HMO, Sheila Hornocker, will provide on-site training and will contact volunteers who are assigned to this position after registration closes. 

Remember a rally simply cannot run without the help of many generous volunteers, so please encourage your parents/sponsors/non-participating members to participate in helping to put on a successful rally. It is both fun and rewarding! Parents of stable managers, non-participating members, friends, and sponsors are encouraged to volunteer as well - please contact Tracy Stout directly at TStout31@gmail.com

CHAPERONES: Each team must be accompanied by a Team Chaperone. All Chaperones must check in with the Rally Show Office upon arrival. Chaperones will follow the chaperone guidelines as outlined by USPC. A Chaperone must be 21 or older and is responsible for the conduct of those competitors in his/her charge. The Chaperone must stay on the Rally Grounds at all times during the rally competition, or must designate another adult to be responsible for the team if he/she must leave; the Rally Show Office must be notified of this change. There will be Chaperone forms available at check in - please be sure to alert your chaperones that they will need to sign those forms as soon as they arrive on grounds.



MEDIA RELEASE: Participation in any USPC activity constitutes a release to be photographed and/or videotaped. Said photographs and/or videotapes may be posted, published or broadcast at the discretion of USPC, Inc. USPC utilizes email to communicate with Members, by submitting this application authorization of this form of correspondence is implied. 

FOOD: Food will be provided for ALL COMPETITORS as well as volunteers during the times when they are actually volunteering. 

LONGEING: Longeing is allowed as designated by CHMJ. Longeing will only be allowed at times and in the area designated by the CHMJ and a sign-up sheet will be available at the CHMJ office. If a participant needs to longe at a different time they must obtain permission from the CHMJ and be supervised by a person designated by the CHMJ. Participants are responsible for providing their own horse handler. Longeing rules apply. Refer to Horse management rule book for specifics. 

BRIEFING: The first official Rally briefing will be a team meeting at 6 PM Friday evening. This meeting is open to rally competitors, officials (including Horse Management Volunteers) and parents. Parents and Chaperones may attend but are not allowed to comment. If there are questions concerning the facilities, etc., parents or chaperones may inquire at the Rally Office. 

MISCELLANEOUS: A neutral zone will be located near the rally office for parents and participants use. No smoking, no alcohol, and absolutely NO dogs allowed on the grounds. 


TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (Please check in at the Show Office upon arrival for final Schedule) 

Friday, May 1

3-6 PM Move in and Tack room set up 

6 PM Competitors Briefing 

7 PM Horse Inspection 

Competitors and Volunteers dinner.   

9PM Barn closes, Lights out and quiet 

Saturday, May 2

6:30 AM Barn open to Competitors to feed 

6:30 - 9AM Breakfast for all competitors and working volunteers

7 AM Competitors Morning Briefing   

8 AM Formal Start and warm up arena opens 

9 AM - 12:30PM First Round 

11:30 - 2PM Lunch for Competitors and working Volunteers 

1:30 - 5:30 PM-Second Round 

5:30 - 7PM Dinner

Barn closes TBA 

Sunday, May 3   

6:30 AM Barn open to competitors to feed 

6:30 - 9AM Breakfast for all competitors and working volunteers

7 AM Briefing 

7:30 AM Warm up Ring open

8AM - 1 PM: Third Round 

11AM - 1PM Lunch for competitors and working volunteers 

3PM Awards 

Rally Closing TBA 


ORUSPC Virtual Dressage Rally

Submit 2 dressage tests between Sept 1 and October 17, 2020

and be available on October 31 for the Horse Management phase (required)

Invitation and entry form are here - HERE


November 7th

Fall Meeting  - Virtual 9am to noon

Awards Banquet - Virtual starting at Noon