ORUSPC HM Symposium

October 21st
8:30am - 4:00pm
Vernier Software & Technology
13979 SW Millikan Way
Beaverton, OR


ORGANIZER:  Oregon Region Pony Club

CONTACT:  Traci Wheeler at tracimwheeler@mac.com

DATE: Saturday, October 21st.  8:30am-4:00pm

LOCATION:  Vernier Software & Technology, 13979 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton, OR

REGISTRATION FEE:  This is a complimentary event!  Lunch is included.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  Registrations must be received no later than October 16th.  Registration is required to attend.

SYMPOSIUM CAPACITY: Space is limited!  We invite all current region members to register.  Parents are also welcome to register, HOWEVER, please be flexible to make other plans if the symposium reaches capacity so we may give current members priority.

The symposium will include three separate tracks of presentations, all focused on the horse management aspects of Pony Club.  Tracks will be broken down by D, C and HB/HA level topics and information.  Attendees may choose to attend the sessions of their choice, however, we encourage attendees to focus on attending the level they are rising to in their certification process.

Scheduled presentations include;
    Types of Equine Wounds, Wound Care & Wound Management
    Preparing a Stall Card
    Pre-purchase Exam
    Tack, Tack, Tack!
    Equine Dental Intensive
    Record Books and Barn Plans
    Specialty bandages
    Introduction to Equine Dental Anatomy
    Equine Nutrition
    Bits, Bits, Bits!
    Breeds, Confirmation & Lameness
    Equine Leg Dissection Lab
    and more!

WHO CAN ATTEND?  Current Pony Club members of all ages.  Please keep in mind that each presentation will be 55 minutes in length and attending the entire day will include six sessions in total.  This schedule may not be suitable for very young members. 

PONY PADDOCK:  If there is enough interest, we will provide our younger members with a Pony Paddock room.  This supervised room will be equipped with hands on activities, games, crafts, quiet area, etc.  Members 9 years old and younger can spend down time in the Pony Paddock between sessions, or during sessions if they need a break. Please indicate if you have interest in a room of this nature during the registration process.

The symposium is being held at a private business.  There may be employees working.   Please be respectful of the space and noise volumes. No smoking on the premises. 

Please complete one entry form per attendee by clicking on the link below,

Symposium Registration Form