ORUSPC Youth Leadership Council

In an effort to communicate more effectively with our younger members, gain valuable insights, and provide members a voice in organizational matters, we have an Oregon Region Youth Leadership Council.  The young members appointed to this council have been selected from across the region.  All have been actively involved in their local club.

What is the Regional Youth Leadership Council?
The Regional Youth Leadership Council is a representative group of Pony Club members that develop ideas and inform the Regional Board and Council (DCs and RS) of what Pony Club members want to do in Pony Club any given year.   The council also gives members a chance to interact with members from other clubs and forge friendships.

What do they do?
In the past the Youth Leadership Council has been in charge of organizing and running UR/D1 camps, organizing regional member socials, organized model horse rallies, supported the regional Pony Club camp, and more.  The Oregon Region Youth Board can do many more amazing things!

Who can join?
Each club is allowed up to three representatives (Club Reps), with each Representative serving a one year term. It is up to the individual club to select who they will send to represent their club with the basic criteria of representatives being at least 13 years old OR at least a D3.

How do you become a Youth Leadership Council Representative?
In order to be a Club Rep you must be elected by your local club members to serve a one year term. In that term, you should attend both meetings of the Regional Youth Leadership Council which may happen in conjunction with the Regional  meetings. At these meetings the Club Reps are expected to participate in discussions and create ideas for the Regional Youth Leadership Council, as well as join one committee (at least) to help implement these ideas.

Who is in charge?
There are four leadership positions on the  Youth Leadership Council: Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. These are all one year terms. In addition to the four elected positions,  there are several committees that form the backbone of the Youth Leadership Council.  For more information ask your DC, RS or a Regional Board Member.

Oregon Regional Youth Leadership Council (ORYLC) Policies:
The ORYLC is a representative group of members from Oregon Region clubs that develop ideas and action plans that benefit the youth of the Oregon Region Pony Clubs.

Membership on the ORYLC is an honor and privilege; promoting a culture of inter-club cooperation, friendship and leadership opportunities.

♦ Each club may elect up to three representatives, each serving a one year term
♦ The term of service runs January 1 to December 31
♦ Representatives should be at least 13 years old or certification of D3 or above in order to participate on the Regional Youth Board. Exceptions will be          made at the discretion of the ORYLC Chairperson and the Regional Supervisor.
♦ Club representatives are expected to attend bi-annual council meetings (which may be held in conjunction with the Regional Board meetings). Furthermore, club representatives are expected to participate actively in discussions and planning, as well as volunteer to serve on a minimum of one committee or activity.
♦ Officers are elected annually, they include a Chair, Co-chair, Treasurer and Secretary.
♦ Advisor to the Regional Youth Board is appointed to serve by the Regional Supervisor.


Oregon Region Youth Leadership Council Application

Meet Our Youth Leadership Board Members (click link)

Youth Leadership Council at Fall meeting - Making cards for patients at Doernbecher Childrens Hospital




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