2019 ORUSPC Show Jumping Rally

2019 Show Jump Rally - May 25-26

Registration Opening Date:  Friday, April 12th, 2019            Closing date: Sunday May 5th, 2019

Clark County Fairgrounds,  17402 NE Delfel Rd, Ridgefield, WA 98642


RALLY CONTACT: Annie Winter/Michele Stevens oregonregionboard@gmail.com

We are trying something a little different and making use of the Memorial Day Weekend to start the 2019 Show Jump Rally on Saturday, May 25. Haul in will be from 9 to noon with the first briefing at noon. There will be one SJ round Saturday and 2 on Sunday. We hope to finish the rally by 6 pm on Sunday and those living close by can haul home Sunday evening. Stabling overnight on Friday night and Sunday night is available for those traveling from further away (like Bend / Roseburg etc) The reasoning is that our most of our members will not have to miss a school day on Friday, May 24.

This is a qualifying rally - members who want to use this rally to qualify for USPC Championships 2019 have to email a letter of intent to Annie Winter, RS, with the division you intend to compete at Championships. Include your eligibility certification levels as per the 2019 SJ Rulebook. Email to Anniewinterrs@gmail.com

Entry form - entries close on Sunday, May 5, 2019


RALLY REGISTRATION FEES: $185 per competitor.  $740 per full team.  $555 for Short Team

         Judge: Joan Claypool-Sly
        Chief Horse Management Judge: Nan Harter
        Technical Delegate: Naomi Meadows
        On Call Vet: TBD
        On Call Farrier: TBD

USPC CHAMPIONSHIPS: This rally is a qualifier for 2019 USPC Championships.  Requirements for qualifying are detailed in the USPC Handbook & Rules for Show Jumping Competition 2019 and 2019 Newsletter. Qualifying certifications for this rally are based on the certification of the member as of May 5th, 2019 and qualifying age is as of January 1, 2019.

RALLY RULES: The Rally is governed by the most recent 2019 USPC Handbook and Rules for Show Jumping Competitions and the 2019 USPC Horse Management Handbook. Please be familiar with these handbooks.  In addition, the USEF Show Jumping Rules are referred to if additional guidance is needed during the equitation round. 

SHOW JUMPING DIVISIONS: The three rounds for each class are Normal Knockdown with Equitation (to be scored as a Normal Knockdown round), Normal Knockdown with a Jump Off Round, and Take Your Own Line. All competitors will ride the Jump Off if the 2nd Round Normal Knockdown is clear  of jump faults and time penalties. Refer to the Show Jumping Rulebook for a description and rules for each round.

DC/CA and parents are strongly encouraged to have competitors rally at a level below their usual competition height on that mount. We would like all riders at the rally to be able to safely complete their rounds.

  1. Pyramid Poles/Cross rails:  Stack of three poles to 12” 
  2. Cross Rails:  18” to 2’ 
  3. Cross Rails/Verticals:   2’ to 2’3”
  4. Introductory:   2'6" 
  5. Developing Horse or Rider:   2’9” to 3’ 
  6. Large Pony/Horse 1:   3’ to 3’3” 
  7. Horse 2:   3’3” to 3’6” 
  8. Horse 3:   3’6” to 3’9”
  9. Horse 4:   3’9” to 4’ 

TEAMS: Teams are made up of 3-4 riders and one stable manager.  Teams are allowed to be a mix of youth and horsemaster competitors.  A team of three riders is considered a "short team" and will not have the opportunity to drop a score.  See the USPC SJ Rulebook for complete details.

COMPETITION AND AWARDS: This will be a team competition, using team scores for overall and horse management placement. Teams may be made up of riders from any combination of divisions. Organizers reserve the right to change or combine divisions depending on number of entries.  Ribbons will be given to all teams for the overall competition and for horse management.

ACCOMMODATIONS:  Accommodations are the responsibility of the teams. 

STABLING: Stabling provided Saturday night for all competitors.  Stabling will be available Friday and Sunday night for those traveling from a distance.  Each team will be assigned one stall per horse plus an additional feed room and tack room stall  Team stalls will all be located together. Initial bedding will be provided, additional bedding can be brought in, and will also be available onsite for $7/bale and NO outside shavings allowed. 

ARRIVAL:  Horses may be hauled in between 9 am and 12 PM on Saturday.  Please come prepared to put up stall and feed cards upon arrival. Tack rooms may be set-up once horses have been cared for, however tack rooms to be set up by team members only.  Parents may help unload supplies from cars and trailers, but may not assist in any other way. 

NOTE: Members and/or their horses are not allowed on the property at any time before 9am on Saturday.  Horses may be hand led around the show grounds on Saturday 9am and 12PM. These areas will be noted by the rally committee upon arrival. 

ATTIRE:  All competitors must be appropriately dressed at all times during the Rally. If they are not, the judge or steward may refuse to allow them to compete or receive awards.  Please refer to the Horse Management Handbook for description of appropriate attire for work in the barn, jog outs, turnouts, etc.

MEDICAL ARMBAND OR BRACELET:  A medical armband or bracelet must be worn by competitors and stable managers at all time during the rally.  If wearing a medical armband, signed Medical Releases for each competitor must be inside the medical armband.

COACHES:   Coaches are required for Show Jump Rally.  Coaches will follow the coaching guidelines as outlined in the “Guidelines for Coaching at USPC Show Jumping Competitions” found in the USPC Handbook and Rules for Show Jumping Competition, page 9.  Coaches are required to attend a meeting scheduled immediately following the first course walks on Saturday.

VOLUNTEERS: Each team is required to furnish a minimum of two volunteers per day who will assist at the rally. With more volunteers involved, volunteer shifts will be shorter. Volunteers will receive an online link to sign up for shifts prior to the rally.

CHAPERONES: Each team must be accompanied by a Chaperone and a signed copy of the Chaperone Form must be submitted to the show office upon arrival.  All Chaperones must check in with the Rally Office upon arrival. Chaperones will follow the chaperone guidelines as outlined by USPC.  A Chaperone must be 21 or older and is responsible for the conduct of those competitors in his/her charge. The Chaperone must stay on the Rally Grounds at all times during the rally competition, or must designate another adult to be responsible for the team if he/she must leave; the Rally Office must be notified of this change.

FOOD: Food will be provided for competitors and volunteers while working their shift; we recommend you also plan on bringing your own food for when you are not volunteering.

LONGEING: Longeing is allowed as designated by CHMJ. Longeing will only be allowed at times and in the area designated by the CHMJ and a sign-up sheet will be available at the CHMJ office. If a participant needs to longe at a different time they must obtain permission from the CHMJ and be supervised by a person designated by the CHMJ. Participants are responsible for providing their own horse handler. Longeing rules apply. Refer to Horse management rule book for specifics.

BRIEFING: The first official Rally briefing will be a team meeting at 12:00Noon Saturday. This meeting is open to rally competitors, officials and parents. Parents and Chaperones may attend but are not allowed to comment. If there are questions concerning the facilities, etc., parents or chaperones may inquire at the Rally Office.

MISCELLANEOUS: A neutral zone will be located near the rally office for parents and participants use. No smoking, no alcohol, and no dogs allowed on the grounds.


Please complete one entry form per team, catch competitor or horsemaster individual.  Team registration is to be done by your DC or CA or a designated rally organizer.

Show Jumping Rally Registration Form (link to a separate document/page)

Rally Chaperone Duties Form   Each team is required to have a chaperone.  A signed copy of the chaperone form must be submitted to the show office upon arrival on the show grounds

Rally Coaches Form   Coaches are required.  Coaches may NOT be the chaperone.  Coaches must bring a signed coaches form to the rally and submit it to the show office

Two ways to Pay :

  1. Determine your registration fee. Then click on PayPal button to submit payment.
  2. Send a check to the Regional Treasurer, Sabrina McDermott, 22010 NE 227th Ave, Battleground, WA 98604


SJ Rally Registration Payment
Name of Team or Club


Link to most current SJ Rulebook, SJ Newsletter, Horse Management Rulebook, Horse Management Newsletter

Link to rally documents needed including coaching forms, stall card template, feed chart template, etc.

Link to Bio-Security Measures at Rallies



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