Oregon Member Notices

Due to Corvid-19, All Regional Events are Postponed until August.  

 OR USPC is adapting activities based on USPC/State/Federal guidelines and

will keep this website updated as events change. 


USPC's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is a “gathering”? Two or more persons together in physical proximity to each other, no matter what the distance. 

Can our Club, Center or Region hold an outdoor meeting, if we are a very small club? NO. Club, Center nd Region activities of any kind are considered “USPC Sponsored” and as of Wednesday, March 18, are not allowed for the next 30 days. 

Can my Pony Club children still have their riding lessons with their Pony Club coach? It depends. If the riding lessons are part of their Club or Riding Center’s programming for Pony Clubbers, then NO.. If the riding lessons are privately arranged between your children and their coach, then MAYBE. You will want to see if your local or State government authorities have specific guidance about meetings or sporting activities. 

May I still have a clinic at my farm that also is a Pony Club Riding Center? It depends. If it is a Pony Club-sponsored Clinic, then NO. If it is sponsored by your farm, then MAYBE. You will want to see if your local or State government authorities have specific guidance about meetings or sporting activities.

Virtual PC Participation Ideas:

RIC Jocelyn Ehlers has come up with a list of ideas to stay in the Pony Club groove!  Click Here!

USPC has come up with the following list of things to do

*Use this time to check out the USPC web site

*Find some USPC Instruction Resources, to include USPC Lesson Plans (Horse Management, Mounted, and “discipline”)

*Check out contests and grants here and at The Pony Club Pizza for information about book reviews, International Exchanges, and more

*Look up the Tutoring Tuesdays webinars for videos (chose "Past" in the Show box)

*Go to the Pony Club YouTube channel for more instructional videos

*Deep clean your barn, tack, and horse

*Send in your USPC donation! Easy to do, from the home page look on the far right, under Giving.

*You must sign in for complete access.



November 7th

Fall Meeting  - Virtual 9am to noon https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6202133710


Awards Banquet - Virtual starting at Noon https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6202133710