Oregon Member Materials



Helpful Items to buy or download at the beginning of your Pony Club Journey

D Manual of Horsemanship.  These can be ordered online or purchased at local tack shops.

Pony Club Pin: This pin is worn at Pony Club functions including lessons, rallies, clinics, championships, and outside horse shows to show Pony Club pride! Members receive one pin in their new member packet. Additional pins can be purchased at Shop Pony Club

Helmet:  Following Pony Club Policy 0800.A - Pony Club members must wear a safety helmet in all mounted activities and in some unmounted activities that conform to ASTM/SEI standards.  We suggest getting fitting help locally rather than buying online for best fit

Medical Armband/Bracelet: Following Pony Club Policy 0800.D -All members must wear a medical armband or bracelet in any USPC affiliated mounted or unmounted activity. Medical bracelets are allowed from any company who follows the UPSC requirements of five lines of information. Medical armbands can be purchased through Shop Pony Club.  Be sure to update and/or replace the Medical Card insert as needed.

Proper Footwear: Footwear includes any boot with a heel, such as, rubber riding boots, jodhpur boots, paddock boots, or tall boots. For unmounted activities a shoe or boot that is securely fastened, entirely closed, covers the ankle, and has a thick sole is permitted. For more information refer to section 7c in the Horse Management Handbook.  

Horse Management Handbook: In this handbook are the basic rules and guidelines that every Pony Club member needs to know about horse management. The handbook gets updated yearly with new horse management rules and guidelines and can be either downloaded from the Pony Club website or purchased at Shop Pony Club.

Record Book: Health & Maintenance.  As each member progresses through the levels, is required to maintain a record book for their mount, whether they own or lease the mount for pony club.   1” 3 ring binders with dividers work great.  

Swag:  Polo shirts, Jackets, Saddle Pads, and other team swag, can be ordered through the DC and Michele Stevens at Rosemont Embroidery.

Resources:  Shop PonyClub  Gallops Saddlery   Rosemont Embroidery.  Wilco Farm Stores.  Coastal Farm and Ranch,  Canby Tack Sale.   Amazon





All Levels HM Certification Prep June 19-20

Model Horse Rally - June 26th

Eventing Clinic July 9th - 11th

Terri Rocovich Clinic July 16-18


USPC Festival 2021

July 19th -26th

The week-long Pony Club Festival is held every three years at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY. More than 3,000 Pony Club members, volunteers, and families participate in this special event. The National Championships are held the first three days. Two more days follow with mounted and unmounted clinics and workshops taught by Pony Club graduates, Olympians, and equine industry professionals. Throughout the week, participants, family, and visitors can shop at the Festival Trade Fair.