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2021 USPC Membership Form

National Fees- select the appropriate one.

$155 New Member for 2021.

$135 Early Renewal Member for 2021, discount if postmarked on or before 11/15/20.

$145 Regular Renewal for 2021, postmarked or paid after 11/15/20.

$200 Prorated New Member joining between 09/01/20 and 12/31/20 for the remainder of 2020 & all of 2021.

$180 Prorated Renewal rejoining between 09/01/20 and 12/31/20 for the remainder of 2020 & all of 2020.

$195 National Member for 2021. (Must be at least 18 yrs. & have achieved a C-2 HM Certification. Letter of recommendation required from DC, CA or RS.)

Oregon Region Fees.
$45   New Member (if join between Sept-Dec fee covers current year and following year - bonus!)

$35   Early Bird Renewing Member (paid between September 1st & November 14th)

$45   Regular Renewing Member (paid after November 15th)

Local Club Fees.

Determined by each club.

Please make sure you have downloaded/printed the 2021 materials.  This includes the handbook and all dated material.  

All new members must complete a hard copy of the latest USPC membership form.  Once complete;

  • The DC/Jt DC, CA or Jt CA must sign the form on the "submitted by" line and ensure applicant/guardian has signed both front and back of the application.
  • Collect one check from the applicant to cover ALL fees including the USPC annual fee, the regional annual fee, and any club/center annual dues/fees.
  • Make two copies of the original, completed application.
  • The original hard copy of the application will be mailed to USPC with a check drawn on the CLUB/CENTER account - no personal checks.  Address for mailing to USPC is on the bottom of the application.
  • One copy of the application will be mailed to the region with a club/center check for regional fees.  Region address: 
        Oregon Region Pony Club
        22010 NE 227th AVE
        Battle Ground, WA 98604
  • One copy will be kept on file with the club/center records.



Stall Card Template

Medical Armband Insert Card

Medical Bracelet FAQs

Stable Manager Information

Junior Stable Manager Information

Feed Chart Template

Rally Chaperone Form

SJ Coaches Form

Eventing Coaches Form

Dressage Coaches Form

Tetrathlon Coaches Form

Rulebooks and Rally Information


2018 USPC Championships - Criteria for Qualifying

Link to USPC Championships Information


November 7th

Fall Meeting  - Virtual 9am to noon https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6202133710


Awards Banquet - Virtual starting at Noon https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6202133710