National Experience

2017 Qualifying Quiz Rally
March 18, 2017


Organizing Club:  High Lakes Pony Club

Location:  Sisters Elementary School, 611 E Cascade Avenue, Sisters, OR

Contact:  Annie Winter,

Schedule:  Volunteer meeting will be 8am. Competitor meeting will be 8:30am.

Accommodations: Best Western Ponderosa Lodge (541) 549 1234 and Sisters Inn and Suites (541) 549 7829.

Entry deadline:  TBA.

Rally Registration fees: $40 per member, $50 for non members.  *Non Pony Club members are invited to participate. This is a great way for potential members to learn more about Pony Club and participate in a very fun rally!*

A complete team consists of 4 competitors, a short team consists of 3 competitors.  Please try to enter as a team; however if you only have one competitor they may enter as a “catch” and will be placed on to a catch team.  Catch rider sign up is after the team sign up on the entry form.

Chaperones/Volunteers: Each team needs one chaperone.  Each team needs two volunteers.  Chaperones may also be volunteers.

The Quiz Rally forms can be found below.   Please contact your DC to organize your clubs rally registration.

Please complete one entry form per team.  (FORMS to come SOON)

  • Quiz Rally Entry Form
  • Quiz Rally Chaperone_Duties_Form
  • Interactive-Championship-Letter-Of-Intent

Two ways to Pay :

  1. Send a check to the Regional Treasurer, Elena Frank. Address: 7832 SW Skyhar Drive Portland, OR 97223-6984
  2. Complete the rally entry form by following the link above.  Determine your registration fee. Then complete the fields below and click on PayPal button to submit payment.


REFUNDS:  After the closing date, no refunds will be issued. The RS may allow refunds in cases if extenuating circumstances exist.

Championships: This rally is a qualifier for USPC Championships.  It is our Region’s goal to continue our tradition of sending a large contingent of Quiz competitors to Championships. Requirements for qualifying are detailed in the USPC Handbook and Rules for Quiz Competition and the most recent Newsletter. The competitor, parents, and the DC/CA are expected to carefully read the qualifying guidelines and be thoroughly familiar with the rules and qualifying criteria for the discipline. Ratings are based on the certification level of the member as of the Rally Opening Date.

Phases of Competition:

  • Classroom: Oral questions are asked in a classroom setting. Classroom settings are made up of individual rounds. A round is complete when each member of a team has answered one individual question or each team has answered one Team question.

  • Barn: Oral questions are asked in a barn setting. Many questions are hands-on in approach. Appropriate barn footwear must be worn at all times.  The Barn phase may be held outdoors this year so please be prepared for any weather conditions.

  • Stations: All questions are answered as a team in a problem-solving manner. A round is complete when a team has answered all the questions they can in a given time limit.

  • Mega-Room: Comprised of tables with horse-related items displayed on them. All items in the Mega-Room are identified by matching them with an answer sheet given to each competitor. The Mega-Room will be done individually with a given time limit.

  • Written Test: This is rating specific and tests up to one level above the competitor’s rated level.

Rally Preparation Documents: