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Pony Club Festival 2014

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Your Region offers a Nationally qualifying Quiz opportunity! Hosted by Flyway Pony Club in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Prepare for your Quiz Rally. This qualifying quiz rally may be the best ever!   Quiz rally is a fun place where kids can compete confidently at their own level on a team. Flyway Pony Club will once again prepared an excellent instance of what Pony Club is all about. They have been busy maintaining integrity of each Quiz phase and they are committed to adhering to the standards of proficiency and keeping within the rules set by each phase of competition. Much thanks to all volunteers who make Quiz in Klamath Falls, Oregon exceed expectations. Details on the “Hogwarts” train to Quiz: All Quiz attendees would be on the same train. There is a single train that runs down the valley and then heads over to Klamath Falls. The train will arrive to Klamath Falls at9:50pm Friday, February 7th, the night before Quiz begins. The return train will depart Klamath Falls at 8:17am Sunday morning, Listed below is the Amtrak schedule for that weekend out of local departing cities.

    • Portland – depart 2:25pm Friday. Arrive home 3:32pm Sunday. $44 per adult/$22.00 per child.
    • Salem – depart 3:37pm Friday. Arrive home 1:55pm Sunday. $37.00 per adult/$16.00 per child.
    • Corvallis – depart 4:10pm Friday. Arrive home 1:22pm Sunday. $35.00 per adult/$15.00 per child.
    • Eugene – depart 5:10pm Friday. Arrive home 12:29pm Sunday. $28.00 per adult/$14.00 per child.
    • Bend/Hood River – unfortunately no Amtrak service to/fr these cities at this time!

Amtrak ticket prices can fluctuate based on demand so buy your ticket early to get the best price. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Child ticket prices were quoted with a purchased fare. If you have another parent chaperoning your child, perhaps work with them to buy tickets if they plan to take the train. To buy tickets visit Please let Stacy Emerson know if you have members who are planning to take the train no later than January 10th as we need a head count to work with the hotel and a local charter company to arrange transportation for members and parents to/from the train station, hotel and Quiz venue. Last year the cost for that service for the entire weekend was $6.00 per person. ~Stacy Emerson:   Forms for 2014 Oregon Region Qualifying Quiz Rally:

Early Entry Fee

Quiz Team Choices

Late Entry Fee(after Dec. 20, 2013)

Late Entry Fee Payment


What is Quiz like?

Challenging the Pony Club members to learn horsemanship and horse care Quiz rally also provides competitors with opportunities to display and learn good sportsmanship, leadership, and team work as they prepare thoroughly, plan and cooperate with their team mates, and take winning or losing in stride. competitive but comfortable, comfortable but challenging, challenging but fair, fair but rigorous, rigorous but flexible, flexible but efficient, and efficient but educational while promoting creativity and FUN.

Click here for Materials, Opportunities and News on the National site about Quiz

There are five Phases to Quiz: Classroom - Prepared questions are asked in a classroom setting. Each member of the team gets a turn responding to a question. This makes a round. Two teams go head to head in an “ask-off”, before a panel of judges. Once several round are completed the next pair of teams enters. Individual member are scored pooled for a team score. Most questions are certification specific unless the competitor asks to one level above the competitor’s cert for additional points awarded to your team! Barn - Questions are asked by a knowledgeable volunteer in a barn setting. A Round is complete when each member of a team has answered one (1) individual question and the team has answered one team question. Competitors are able to demonstrate a variety of skills according to their certification level. Many questions are hands-on in approach, one example may be putting a bridle back together or blindly identifying equine items by touch; such as a hoof pick, curry comb, snaffle bit. The format of the Barn Phase is creative and exciting. Stations - Stations are another set of questions designed to test a team’s ability to work together. The Stations Phase varies in the number of Rounds depending on availability of props and facilities. A Round is complete when a team has answered all the questions they can in a given time limit. Mega-room - Mega-Room is comprised of tables with horse-related items displayed on them. Mega-Room table props come from the USPC Official Reference List. Items in the Mega-Room Phase are identified by matching them with an answer sheet given to each competitor. Competitors compete individually in Mega-Room and the top three scores will be totaled for a team score. Written Test - The Written Test is comprised of 25 questions. Written Tests are HM rating specific and test up to one level above the competitor’s certification level for additional points awarded to your team!

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