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        • Quiz rally 2015

          High Lakes Pony Club in Bend is hosting the 2015 Regional Quiz Rally
        • When: Saturday April 11th 2015.
        • Where: Seven Peaks School ~ 19660, SW Mountaineer Way, Bend, OR. 97702

Congratulations to all regional members that participated in the 2015 Quiz rally.  Below are the results from the rally.

Team results

Junior D

1st – Rose City/Jumps and Jods (583.25)

2nd – Willamette/Columbia Winds (523.5)

Senior D

1st – High Lakes (512)

2nd – Willamette/Columbia Winds (503)

Senior C/HB

1st – High Lakes/Rose City (652)

2nd – Columbia Winds/Rose City (618.25)


Junior D High Point – Kaylee Leonard (Jumps and Jods)

Senior D High Point – Larissa Prince (Willamette Valley)

Senior C/HB High Point – Sarah Buchanan (High Lakes)



Registration will be open February 10. All registration packets and fees must be paid by March 14 or earlier to avoid a $100 late fee. Please email your entries to: Moe Carrick at

Rally entry fees are $140 per team or $35 per catch member.

Three ways to Pay :

  1. PayPal by clicking the link

    Quiz Entry Fee

  2. PayPal website using the email or
  3. Send a check to our Regional Treasurer, Elena Frank. Address: 7832 SW Skyhar Drive Portland, OR 97223-6984

After the closing date, no refunds will be issued. The RS may allow refunds in other cases if extenuating circumstances exist.

Rally Secretary:
Fill out the rally entry which are PDFs download them to your computer fill the interactive forms out and save then send the forms to Moe Carrick via email. Her email address is:

Forms:  All forms listed below are to be sent to Moe. Other required forms may be found under “Forms” on the National website at

Forms for 2015 Oregon Region Qualifying Quiz Rally:

Medical Release Armbands:  Armbands are required for all rallies.

Volunteers:  Each team is expected to furnish two (2) adult volunteers who will have an excellent time in assisting with the rally. Volunteer forms are attached; please note assignment preferences and experiences. A volunteer briefing will be at 7:30 am. Each volunteer must attend. Specific job assignments and time slots will be posted near the Rally Office and Neutral Zone.Chaperones:  Each team needs a Chaperone. A signed copy of the Chaperone Duties Form is submitted with the entry. All Chaperones must check in with the Rally Office upon arrival.

RULES:  This competition is subject to the following rulebooks:
Rulebooks – Quiz
The rulebook, addendums, rally guide and newsletters for Quiz.

Item Name Date Posted
Quiz Rulebook (2015) PDF (3.79 MB) 2/2/2015
Quiz Organizer’s Guide (2011) with addendumPDF (521.68 KB) 1/22/2011
Addendum A PDF (33.21 KB) 1/24/2011
Addendum B PDF (44.33 KB) 1/22/2011


Non Qualifying Age & Certification Requirements:




Non Qualifying Junior D

Unrated to D3

12 years old & younger

Non Qualifying Senior D

Unrated to D3

13-25 years old

Non Qualifying  Junior C or B

C or HB

10-14 years old

Non Qualifying Senior C or B

C or HB

15-25 years old

Non Qualifying H or H-A or A

B or H or H-A or A

14-25 years old


Qualifying Age (as of January 1, 2015) & CERT Requirements:




Junior D


10-12 years old

Senior D


13-21 years old

Junior C, HB, or B

C to B

10-14 years old

Senior C, HB, or B

C to B

15-21 years old

B, H or H-A or A

B and up

14-21 years old

This rally is a qualifier for the 2015 USPC West Coast Championship. It is our Region’s goal to continue our tradition of sending a large contingent of Quiz competitors to Championships. Requirements for qualifying are detailed in the USPC Handbook and Rules for Quiz Competition 2011 and the most recent Newsletter. The competitor, parents, and the DC/CA are expected to carefully read the qualifying guidelines and be thoroughly familiar with the rules and qualifying criteria for the discipline. Ratings are based on the certification level of the member as of the Rally Opening Date.

Teams:Teams will consist of 3-4 competitors. The team will have one team captain. Teams of both Junior and Senior individuals will compete at the Senior level with the consent of their DC/CA or the RS in the case of Championships. D teams will consist of any unrated through D3 Pony Club members. C or B teams will consist of any C1 through B members. No D may compete on a C team, no C may compete on a D team, and no C may compete on a H, H-A, or A team.Competitors must compete at the level they will compete at Championships or higher. The RS will make the team selection. Those invited to participate on one of the two teams at each level will be contacted by the RS or his/her designee and are expected to make a commitment within two weeks of being notified. No competitor with outstanding debts owed to their club/center, the Region, or the USPC will be permitted to enter Championships. It is the obligation of the Club DC and Treasurer to notify the RS if these conditions exist. Please be sure to note age requirements to participate at Championships.

Competition and Awards:The goal of the rally is to provide a fun and safe environment where peers compete against each other. UR-D1 and above members are welcome. The DC/CA has the responsibility to send members in the most suitable division. For fairness in rally competition, the DC/CA is encouraged to assign members to the most appropriate division so that competitors perform at the member’s rating level and peers are competing against peers.  This will be a team competition, using team scores for overall placement. Multiple teams from clubs are welcome. If you do not have a full team, but have catch riders, please try to form a team with another Pony Club. If you cannot do this, contact the Quiz Organizer – Annie Winter at

Phases of Competition:

  • Classroom: Oral questions are asked in a classroom setting. Classroom settings are made up of individual rounds. A round is complete when each member of a team has answered one individual question or each team has answered one Team question.

  • Barn: Oral questions are asked in a barn setting. Many questions are hands-on in approach. Appropriate barn footwear must be worn at all times.  The Barn phase may be held outdoors this year so please be prepared for any weather conditions.

  • Stations: All questions are answered as a team in a problem-solving manner. A round is complete when a team has answered all the questions they can in a given time limit.

  • Mega-Room: Comprised of tables with horse-related items displayed on them. All items in the Mega-Room are identified by matching them with an answer sheet given to each competitor. The Mega-Room will be done individually with a given time limit.

  • Written Test: This is rating specific and tests up to one level above the competitor’s rated level.

Official:  TECHNICAL DELEGATE:   Robin ChinburgGround Jury:

  • The Ground Jury consists of Robin Chinburg, Annie Winter and Traci Wheeler. Inquiries and protests will follow the guidelines established in the 2011 Quiz Rulebook and appropriate corresponding Appendix.

Team Information:

  • Arrival is allowed after 7:15 am and is expected by 7:45 am on Saturday, April 11 2015.

  • The first official rally meeting will take place on Saturday at 8:00 am.  Parent and Chaperones may attend but are NOT allowed to comment. If there are questions concerning the facilities, etc., parents or Chaperones may inquire at the Rally Office.


All competitors must be appropriately dressed at all times during the Rally. If they are not, the TD may refuse to allow them to compete or receive awards. The 2010 Horse Management Handbook describes appropriate attire. Please refer to page 18a and 18b in that rulebook. Appropriate footwear (boots with heel) will be required as there will be a barn station. A USPC pin, Medical Armband, and pinny must be worn at all times.


The site is large and open. Spectators are welcome during the Classroom Phase. Important note to parents:  All adults need to be aware of areas that are off limits to them during the rally and take care to avoid them. All adults are required to let the competitors do everything, during all phases of the event, and simply observe the competition as a spectator.  Unauthorized adult help can result in a penalty to the team.

Food:  Light snacks will be provided. Additional food may be purchased from High Lakes Pony Club as a club fundraiser. We will have lunch available for purchase.

Travel & Lodging: Coming soon



Your Region offers a Nationally qualifying Quiz opportunity! Hosted by High Lakes Pony Club in Bend, Oregon. Prepare for your Quiz Rally. This qualifying quiz rally may be the best ever!   Quiz rally is a fun place where kids can compete confidently at their own level on a team. High Lakes is working to prepare an excellent instance of what Pony Club is all about. They have been busy maintaining integrity of each Quiz phase and they are committed to adhering to the standards of proficiency and keeping within the rules set by each phase of competition. Much thanks to all volunteers who make Quiz exceed expectations. What is Quiz like?Challenging the Pony Club members to learn horsemanship and horse care Quiz rally also provides competitors with opportunities to display and learn good sportsmanship, leadership, and team work as they prepare thoroughly, plan and cooperate with their team mates, and take winning or losing in stride. competitive but comfortable, comfortable but challenging, challenging but fair, fair but rigorous, rigorous but flexible, flexible but efficient, and efficient but educational while promoting creativity and FUN.

Click here for Materials, Opportunities and News on the National site about Quiz

There are five Phases to Quiz: 

Classroom - Prepared questions are asked in a classroom setting. Each member of the team gets a turn responding to a question. This makes a round. Two teams go head to head in an “ask-off”, before a panel of judges. Once several round are completed the next pair of teams enters. Individual member are scored pooled for a team score. Most questions are certification specific unless the competitor asks to one level above the competitor’s cert for additional points awarded to your team!

Barn - Questions are asked by a knowledgeable volunteer in a barn setting. A Round is complete when each member of a team has answered one (1) individual question and the team has answered one team question. Competitors are able to demonstrate a variety of skills according to their certification level. Many questions are hands-on in approach, one example may be putting a bridle back together or blindly identifying equine items by touch; such as a hoof pick, curry comb, snaffle bit. The format of the Barn Phase is creative and exciting.

Stations - Stations are another set of questions designed to test a team’s ability to work together. The Stations Phase varies in the number of Rounds depending on availability of props and facilities. A Round is complete when a team has answered all the questions they can in a given time limit.

Mega-room - Mega-Room is comprised of tables with horse-related items displayed on them. Mega-Room table props come from the USPC Official Reference List. Items in the Mega-Room Phase are identified by matching them with an answer sheet given to each competitor. Competitors compete individually in Mega-Room and the top three scores will be totaled for a team score.

Written Test - The Written Test is comprised of 25 questions. Written Tests are HM rating specific and test up to one level above the competitor’s certification level for additional points awarded to your team!

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